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I’ve been browsing around other blogs, specifically other teen’s, and I realized something. They all have professional looking blogs. You open mine and the beautiful face of Snoopy is the first thing you see. I realized that the color scheme of my blog is lighter than other’s and even my posts aren’t as deep. I felt a lot of pressure to change my blog theme and spend more time on what I write on it, but then I realized that that wasn’t me.

I take great pride in knowing that my blog reflects my personality, and if you like it, I’d like to think that you’d like me too. This is my place to write without worrying about grammar or literary terms. Don’t get me wrong, I love the professional thing people have got going on. It’s chic and polished, but it’s not for me.

Thanks to everyone who has followed my blog, or commented, or even just read the first line of a post. When I look at my stats and realize that people actually enjoy what I write, it makes me proud to be me, and proud to be different in my own special way.