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New years resolutions

So I made a post about this last year as well, And I gotta say, I may have kinda sorta failed. One of my resolutions was to work on my book. Heh. Yeah, that didn’t happen. I was writing a book on wordpress called Wizards Games, but I still have just as much on it as I did two years ago. I pretty much forgot that it even existed.

Another was to blog more. I guess that actually worked okay, but only a tiny bit. I go through phases of blogging. I do it for one straight week, then I just stop for a month. It’s awful. So those two are going back on my list.

My last resolution was to stop procrastinating. To be fair to myself, that is a really hard resolution to keep. It’s almost changing my entire personality and actually would change my entire life. So instead of “stop procrastinating”, I am going to change it to turn in all homework. Turning in homework on time would be nice, but knowing myself, that probabally won’t happen. Therefore, I just don’t want to have any missing work.

I’m going to add two new resoltions this year, one being to not cry over boys, because I sadly do that VERY often. It’s even more pathetic when you put the fact that I don’t even date into the equation. Anyway, the second is to ditch my friends. I really need friends who can carry a conversation on something deep, or at the very least on something other than people or school.

So this is what my list looks like:

1) Work on my book

2) Blog more

3) Turn in ALL homework

4) Don’t cry over boys

5) Ditch friends/ make new friends

Here’s the link to my post last year if you want to see it: ¬†https://comicsandfashion.wordpress.com/2014/01/04/197/

What are your resolutions. Or are you perfect and don’t need to make any? ;p