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It must, therefore it will

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how if something has to happen, it will. Because I think it’s true. If something HAD to happen, as reality is depending on this event, it will. It’s simple, if this thing did not happen, nothing beyond that failed event would happen. Everything would simply cease. But oblivion of all things is simply impossible. Oblivion it’s self simply does not, and cannot, exist.

I’m really bad at staying on topic. Let’s try this. If, for example, Bruce Wayne’s parents did not die, Batman would never have come into existence.If Batman did not exist, Barbra Gordon would never have become Batgirl, and all the rest of the Bat family never would have existed either. Now I want you to think of all the times any member of the family has ever defeated a villain, saved a life, or changed someone’s life. This is all simply theoretical, and you could argue that this universe doesn’t exist, (as far as we know) but if Batman simply WASN’T, then the entire world would be changed. The reality we know would not exist.

Also, in the book “Emperor Joker”, the Joker tries to erase Batman from existence, send him into oblivion. But, even with all the power of the cosmos, it could not be done. Why? Because Batman had to be. He simply HAD to. If he didn’t exist, Joker wouldn’t have been the same person, wouldn’t have been able to acquire all his power, and nothing. NOTHING. That’s all that would happen. No. Not nothing. Because for nothing to exist, something must also exist, otherwise the word would be irrelevant. Oblivion would exist. But according to it’s very nature, it doesn’t exist. IT CAN’T. But maybe I’ll go into that later.

Thanks for reading my rant. I feel like I could go into more detail about this, like variables and stuff, but I’m drained. Tell me if you want to hear more about the absoluteness of events.