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Summer 2015 bucket list

I live for summer. All year long you sit in school, numbing your mind and banning all thoughts of your glorious summer days so as to not depress yourself. But then it’s may! And your on wanelo saving summer clothes and making a summer pinterest board. Then summer finally comes and you’re free! Free from the tyranny of teacher, and the stress of homework and deadlines!

Unfortunately, summer is not yet here, but it’s so close I can just taste it. I live in Mexico city, but I’m going back to Nevada, my original home, for break. And I am prepared. I’ve made a list of everything I want to do over the summer, and I am SO excited to leave this place and do it all!!! (not that mexico is bad, it’s an amazing country, but there’s so much pollution where I live, and I don’t actually like my friends here all that much.)

Summer 2015 Bucket List

  • Go bowling
  • Go glow int the dark night bowling
  • Make a new friend
  • Have a color war
  • Have a bubble war
  • Go on a shopping spree
  • See a movie
  • Go exploring somewhere new
  • Build a fort
  • Paint yourself
  • Picnic
  • Waterballoon fight
  • Game night
  • Make an obstacle course
  • Eating contest
  • Water balloon piñatas
  • Time capsule
  • Scavenger hunt
  • Fly a kite
  • Walmart hide and seek
  • Messy twister
  • Nerf war
  • Celebrate a foreign holiday
  • Message in a bottle
  • Make a giant cookie
  • Scrapbook
  • Leave a note in a library book
  • Dance in the rain
  • Have a Disney movie marathon

What are you planning on doing this summer?



I’ve been browsing around other blogs, specifically other teen’s, and I realized something. They all have professional looking blogs. You open mine and the beautiful face of Snoopy is the first thing you see. I realized that the color scheme of my blog is lighter than other’s and even my posts aren’t as deep. I felt a lot of pressure to change my blog theme and spend more time on what I write on it, but then I realized that that wasn’t me.

I take great pride in knowing that my blog reflects my personality, and if you like it, I’d like to think that you’d like me too. This is my place to write without worrying about grammar or literary terms. Don’t get me wrong, I love the professional thing people have got going on. It’s chic and polished, but it’s not for me.

Thanks to everyone who has followed my blog, or commented, or even just read the first line of a post. When I look at my stats and realize that people actually enjoy what I write, it makes me proud to be me, and proud to be different in my own special way.

New years resolutions

So I made a post about this last year as well, And I gotta say, I may have kinda sorta failed. One of my resolutions was to work on my book. Heh. Yeah, that didn’t happen. I was writing a book on wordpress called Wizards Games, but I still have just as much on it as I did two years ago. I pretty much forgot that it even existed.

Another was to blog more. I guess that actually worked okay, but only a tiny bit. I go through phases of blogging. I do it for one straight week, then I just stop for a month. It’s awful. So those two are going back on my list.

My last resolution was to stop procrastinating. To be fair to myself, that is a really hard resolution to keep. It’s almost changing my entire personality and actually would change my entire life. So instead of “stop procrastinating”, I am going to change it to turn in all homework. Turning in homework on time would be nice, but knowing myself, that probabally won’t happen. Therefore, I just don’t want to have any missing work.

I’m going to add two new resoltions this year, one being to not cry over boys, because I sadly do that VERY often. It’s even more pathetic when you put the fact that I don’t even date into the equation. Anyway, the second is to ditch my friends. I really need friends who can carry a conversation on something deep, or at the very least on something other than people or school.

So this is what my list looks like:

1) Work on my book

2) Blog more

3) Turn in ALL homework

4) Don’t cry over boys

5) Ditch friends/ make new friends

Here’s the link to my post last year if you want to see it:

What are your resolutions. Or are you perfect and don’t need to make any? ;p

Christmas Vacation

I’ve never done a post like this, but I had lots of fun over Christmas and I’v been taking a photography class so I’m pretty proud of my photos.

IMG_6876 (2)

IMG_6885 (2)

DSCF6787 (2)

DSCF6814 (2)

DSCF6815 (2)

IMG_6852 (2)

IMG_6888 (2)

Screenshot (43)

I had a lot of fun. My Grandparents came to visit us in Mexico City for Christmas. They have a Mexican employee who owns his own farm in Mexico so we went and visited him and his family. They were all really nice. How was your Christmas?

It must, therefore it will

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how if something has to happen, it will. Because I think it’s true. If something HAD to happen, as reality is depending on this event, it will. It’s simple, if this thing did not happen, nothing beyond that failed event would happen. Everything would simply cease. But oblivion of all things is simply impossible. Oblivion it’s self simply does not, and cannot, exist.

I’m really bad at staying on topic. Let’s try this. If, for example, Bruce Wayne’s parents did not die, Batman would never have come into existence.If Batman did not exist, Barbra Gordon would never have become Batgirl, and all the rest of the Bat family never would have existed either. Now I want you to think of all the times any member of the family has ever defeated a villain, saved a life, or changed someone’s life. This is all simply theoretical, and you could argue that this universe doesn’t exist, (as far as we know) but if Batman simply WASN’T, then the entire world would be changed. The reality we know would not exist.

Also, in the book “Emperor Joker”, the Joker tries to erase Batman from existence, send him into oblivion. But, even with all the power of the cosmos, it could not be done. Why? Because Batman had to be. He simply HAD to. If he didn’t exist, Joker wouldn’t have been the same person, wouldn’t have been able to acquire all his power, and nothing. NOTHING. That’s all that would happen. No. Not nothing. Because for nothing to exist, something must also exist, otherwise the word would be irrelevant. Oblivion would exist. But according to it’s very nature, it doesn’t exist. IT CAN’T. But maybe I’ll go into that later.

Thanks for reading my rant. I feel like I could go into more detail about this, like variables and stuff, but I’m drained. Tell me if you want to hear more about the absoluteness of events.

Net Neutrality is Being Turned Into a Joke.

I’m sure you’ve heard of net neutrality. It’s the equality of the internet. It means that all network traffic has the same rights, no matter who sent it, where it was sent from, where it was being sent to, it’s all treated equally. You wait just as long for youtube to load as you do for couch tuner. That’s net neutrality. That’s something I want to keep. Now some smart guy wants to abolish that. Someone wants to get rid of internet equality. NO ONE WANTS THAT TO HAPPEN! 

If you’re for net neutrality tell me in the comments and read more about it here:



I’m kinda pissed off right now.

Toilet Journals

I know how weird this sounds but it’s actually really fun. You know how sometimes when you sit on the toilet you have some of the biggest revelations of your life of a sudden burst of inspiration? Or maybe that’s just me. Pooping is very enlightening experience for me, so I’ve been keeping a journal in my bathroom to write in when I get sudden bursts of inspiration. It’s really fun to read through, and even funnier to think that you thought of all those cool/ slightly insane ideas while on the toilet. One of my entries goes like this:


You always see cow skulls in cartoon in the desert. Why is that?  Are there really so many cows in the desert? And why is i just their skulls? Did they get decapitated and their body went off and died somewhere else? This requires further research. 


I like keeping journals for everything. I have a travel journal, daily events journal, emotional journal (which is REALLY embarrassing), scripture journal, art journal, and a toilet journal. How many journals do you have?

Compliment day!



Hove you ever wondered, (most likely before you go to sleep or while you’re in the shower) what you would say to someone’s corpse? Yes, I know, it sounds morbid,but seriously, if one of your friends died, what would you probably something like ‘you’re my best friend’ or ‘I love your eyes so much’ or ‘you had the coolest clothes’ right? well why not say that to them now? You’ve got time. And day’s here to help you! Even of your exchange is as brief as


You’ve probably just made someone’s day. So go celebrate and make someone feel good about themselves!


The magic of music

I love singing sometimes. It really just depends who I’m around if I like it or not. For example, just in case you’re super confused, or only slightly confused, or not confused at all, or… you get it. For example, I’m in choir, but no one in my choir class likes singing, or is good for that matter. So I don’t sing in choir class or like singing in choir class. But last Thursday (yesterday) I got together with some of my friends and we all sang a song, and that was really fun. In conclusion, I am a victim of peer pressure. That wasn’t exactly the point of this post, but whatever! Have a good weekend!