Last night I got upset, I don’t even remember why, but anyway, when I’m sad I start thinking about super deep things like infinity and parallel universes. Last night’s topic was this moment. Every single moment in particular. Right now as I am typing this up, currently it’s not affecting anyone other than myself. The end result of someone reading it could be called not pointless, (pointfull?) but right now, exactlay RIGHT NOW, why? Why am I participating in this activity instead of doing something that could affect someone RIGHT NOW.

You could say that I’m short sighted for not looking at the future, but I’m not. I do think about my future. I want to graduate high school and go to  college in Colorado. (I dunno why Colorado, because why not?) After I receive a master in English and a minors in art I want to move to New York and write (not draw, there’s a difference) comic books. I want to get married, have children, (or adopt children) and when I retire I want to live in a small neighborhood and grow a bunch of strawberries and give them to all my neighbors and bake a lot. So I’m not short sighted, I just think that baby steps are better. You may have noticed that my plan is very vague, that’s because the tiny details, those should be figured out in the moment, in the right now. We should make that a noun. The right now.

So anyway I kind of forgot the the point of this post was (haha, get it? Point? heh heh.) but I did create a new noun. So what’s your right now? Or what was your right then, before you started reading this?

Love ya!



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