Monthly Archives: February 2014

Toilet Journals

I know how weird this sounds but it’s actually really fun. You know how sometimes when you sit on the toilet you have some of the biggest revelations of your life of a sudden burst of inspiration? Or maybe that’s just me. Pooping is very enlightening experience for me, so I’ve been keeping a journal in my bathroom to write in when I get sudden bursts of inspiration. It’s really fun to read through, and even funnier to think that you thought of all those cool/ slightly insane ideas while on the toilet. One of my entries goes like this:


You always see cow skulls in cartoon in the desert. Why is that?  Are there really so many cows in the desert? And why is i just their skulls? Did they get decapitated and their body went off and died somewhere else? This requires further research. 


I like keeping journals for everything. I have a travel journal, daily events journal, emotional journal (which is REALLY embarrassing), scripture journal, art journal, and a toilet journal. How many journals do you have?