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Compliment day!



Hove you ever wondered, (most likely before you go to sleep or while you’re in the shower) what you would say to someone’s corpse? Yes, I know, it sounds morbid,but seriously, if one of your friends died, what would you probably something like ‘you’re my best friend’ or ‘I love your eyes so much’ or ‘you had the coolest clothes’ right? well why not say that to them now? You’ve got time. And day’s here to help you! Even of your exchange is as brief as


You’ve probably just made someone’s day. So go celebrate and make someone feel good about themselves!



The magic of music

I love singing sometimes. It really just depends who I’m around if I like it or not. For example, just in case you’re super confused, or only slightly confused, or not confused at all, or… you get it. For example, I’m in choir, but no one in my choir class likes singing, or is good for that matter. So I don’t sing in choir class or like singing in choir class. But last Thursday (yesterday) I got together with some of my friends and we all sang a song, and that was really fun. In conclusion, I am a victim of peer pressure. That wasn’t exactly the point of this post, but whatever! Have a good weekend!

Yes, it’s cuddle up day!

Cuddle Up Day is an opportunity to snuggle up to someone on a cold winters’ day or night. Chances are it’s cold outside. So, cozy up to a special someone, and enjoy the warmth and love.

This day is a great opportunity to:

  • Cuddle you significant other
  • Cuddling up in your easy chair is a great idea.
  • Cuddling up to a pet is rewarding.
  • Cuddling up to a stuffed animal is quite secure and comforting.
  • Cuddling up with a good book is enjoyable.
  • Cuddling up by the fireside is warm and cozy.

Oh, and don’t forget, today is also bean day!



YAY! Today marks the beginning of National Letter Writing Week! I honestly had no idea that this existed until a few minutes ago, but I love writing letters and needed a blog topic. 

I honestly have no idea where this came from, why it exists, or how it came to be, but I like the idea of dedicating a week to writing letters. When you receive letters it’s much more exciting then an email. Letters are more personal and really show that someone cares enough about you to take time out of their day and actually write something instead of typing a couple sentences in twenty seconds.


‘nough said.

Comment who you’re going to send a letter to this week!


Ah, resolutions. The perfect way to feel awful about yourself after the 1st week of January. I know I’m four days late with this, but that’s ok, because I didn’t resolve to stop procrastinating. (Actually I did but still) I’m not really big on resolutions. This is pretty much me every single year.


I say that, but what I’m actually thinking is more like,


So anyway on to my list. It’s really an amazing list. Enjoy it!

1. To keep my resolutions

2. Blog more

3. Work on my book

4. Stop procrastinating  😉

Comment what you resolve to do this new year, and good luck!



Everybody has those small things that make them happy, so I’ve decided to share mine with you!

1. Old book smell

2. Getting emotional over stories

3. Genuine smiles

4. Being close enough to someone to not need words

5. Watching chick flicks all night

6. Eating cookie dough

7. Basketball

8. Curling up with my cat on cold nights

9. Holidays

10. Disney movies

Those are some of the thing that make me genuinely happy. Comment what some of your favorite things are!