Monthly Archives: December 2013

Lets restart. This blog started off called hats and socks. While my love for socks has grown, hats were replaced with comic books. And so I changed the name to comics and fashion. Now it’s Mind Wanderer. I’m changing this blog because I’m a changed person, so facts about me.

1) I love Doctor Who

2) I’ve been to 8 schools so far

3) I’m a western girl

4) I’m 13

5) I have trouble coming up with facts about myself

6) My favorite comic is Injustice

7) I will always be a DC girl, no matter how badly they’re failing. (*cough cough* New 52 *cough cough*

8) I detest science

9) I’m a mormon

10) I am completely and utterly insane

Well I’m looking forward to blogging. See ya!